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Board Members

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (3 year terms) and OFFICERS (2 year terms)

Helen Ann Crayosky - Vice President (Vice President ends AM/2017, Board term ends AM/2019)  

Kathleen Crayosky -  Recording Secretary (Recording Secretary ends AM/2017 & Board term ends AM/2018)

Ronald E. Egge - (Board term ends AM/2019)

Patricia Everdean - (Board term ends AM/2017)

Diane Galcik - (Board term ends AM/2017)

Pamela K. Kametz, Treasurer - (Treasurer ends AM/2017 & Board term ends AM/2019)

Cherish Markle - (Board term ends AM/2017)

Dawn Mohrey - (Board term ends AM/2018)

Reverend Martin E. Nuscher, President - (Presidency ends AM/2017 & Board term ends AM/2017)

John A. Pasko - (Board term ends AM/20196)

Pamela Williams - (Board term ends AM/2018)

AM = Annual Meeting


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